Honestly I thought I was going to get homesick because I have been in the past, but the friendly atmosphere and good vibes made me feel at home. I never once thought about wanting to leave or getting homesick. My favorite part was the progression. I went into the week not being able to clear the wake or jump very well at all. At the end of the week I could wake to wake grab and it was a great feeling. Also the rail was super fun! I only rode it one time on the last day and I managed to land it first time.
— Nick, Age 11

I just want other campers parents to know that my son Nick had not gone to a camp that far away from home and we were very nervous about sending him so far away. I am so glad that we sent him. He has never ever come home from anywhere in such a great mood and with such positive attitude.
Thanks for such an amazing camp. We are already saving money to send him next summer.
— Carrie, Nick's Mom

West Coast Camps not only taught me those key elements but they taught me how to apply them to friendships, other sports, and daily life.
— Mackenzie (Solo), Age 14

Every year on the last day on the way home, I say “ahh, best week of my life”. The reason I would go back to west Coast camps is to get the experience of the camp again because it is so fun! Also I would go back to learn more. Their training system for wakeboarding and wake surfing is unreal! In the end, I leave the up-coming experience of what happens on and off the wake at West Coast Camps for you to explore. It’s your turn to have the time of your life!
— Jack (Whip), Age 15