A Typical Day

From wakeboarding and wakesurfing to endless games and riddles both in and out of the water, your experience here will be nothing short of incredible.


A normal day here at West Coast Camps is not what you would call ‘average’ by any means. Below is an outline of how our sessions usually occur. For sake of surprises, we keep some events off the list.



11:00 AM  Marina Pickup; we won’t spoil anymore of the first day 



7:00 AM   Wake up and eat breakfast

8:00 AM   Shred Session I- Wakeboarding

12:00 PM  Lunch & Lunch Film

2:00 PM    Afternoon Game(s)

4:00 PM   Shred Session II- surf, skate, wake, rail

7:00 PM   Dinner with post-meal games and riddles

10:00 PM   Lights Out



7:00 AM   Breakast

8:00 AM   Freeride Friday Session

11:00 AM   Pack up, Patches Ceremony, Memorable Moments

12:45 PM   Depart for land