We started camp over a decade ago in order to bring more kids and families into the sport of wake boarding.  Every summer since then however, we see that our interaction reaches much further into these kids’ lives than merely coaching in wake boarding and wake surfing.

We want to deliver an experience, and build relationships at camp that will continue to affect each student every day of their lives even after they are back on land.

Building a routine of confidence within our students is an integral part of completing our mission. Our supportive and family-like atmosphere at West Coast Camps establishes a positive outlook on pushing limits at a healthy rate and achieving both personal and team goals.  By coaching campers through new wake boarding tricks, their confidence grows to try bigger and better things.  We have witnessed this cycle overflow into their lives’ outside of camp into team sports, jobs and grades in school.

We have been so blessed with everything West Coast Camps has given us and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Why send my child to you guys instead of another camp?
First and foremost, we are not here to make tons of money. We make enough for camp to fund itself, but the friendships and pure happiness here is what has kept us going for 15 years. We genuinely enjoy teaching, and watching our campers progress at wake boarding while creating new friendships is an unbeatable feeling. We work to create a friendship with each camper and to carry that friendship farther than just the duration of their stay on the lake with us. When you become a camper at West Coast Camps, you join a family of people that are dedicated to growing themselves and those around them.

The Schwenne’s

Mike, Monica, Thor (5), Della (3), Knox (1)