Building young professionals for life, not just wakeboarding.

While we would like to help every student become professional
wakeboarders, it is not very realistic. What is very feasible, however, is helping every student grow their level of professionalism as individuals and team members.  Our GoP.R.O. curriculum is meant to supplement the coaching on the water with the goal of each camper bringing this design into their lives’ in every social sphere-be it friendships, education or team sports.

GoP.R.O. means:

  1. Professional– be someone who your personal hero would look up to

  2. Respectful– treat others better than you would like to be treated

  3. Observant– in new groups, what we say can sometimes come across negatively- watch for signs 

Embracing these three traits, our coaches have enjoyed much success in their own lives (both in the wakeboarding industry and out) and we hope to share that success with our campers. By setting simple standards at the beginning of the week and leading by example, we inspire change rather than setting rules and needing to enforce them. We have seen miraculous growth in our campers over the course of a few summers by upholding such simple principles on the houseboats as:

– LADIES FIRST. Eat first, get first go at activities, and anything else that involves choice

– Anti-cursing policy: In the event of cursing, camper gets the choice of push-ups or a belly flop in front of the rest of camp. Enforced regardless of age. (Staff are subject to this rule as well)

– Zero negativity: same consequence as cursing. Putting others down ruins the vibe and doesn’t amount to any growth. Everyone is out here to have a good time, everyone helps facilitate that goal.

We hope that this acronym can be a motto our campers take home and embody in every part of their life.