Think cruise liner…but more personalized.

With multiple houseboats loaded to the brim with games, fun, and food, camp quickly becomes home for the week.

We have two oversized houseboats capable of housing over 80 guests. We limit our camps to around 20 plus 8 staff so there is always plenty of room aboard. There is really no better way to spend a vacation at the lake, than on a houseboat.

Tile flooring, granite countertops, beautiful hardwood floors, new carpet, open floor plan, flat screen TV, 3 large refrigerators, freezers, hardwood vanities, luxurious bathrooms, outside deck furniture and spacious living rooms. We have all the amenities of being at home, only you’re two steps away from your next wakeboard set on the water.

Our fleet of houseboats consists of a Boys Boat, and a Girls Boat. These names are simply to specify which boats campers sleep on. Inside the Boys Boat is where our chef prepares each meal, where meals are served, where movies are shown, and where our evening games take place. Bunks and bins are on top of each houseboat for campers to stow their bags away during the day. At night, campers and staff retire to the top of their respective houseboats to sleep under the amazing night sky (Staff members sleep closest to the stairs).

West Coast Camps is located on Lake McClure, California. During the week, we are predominantly the only boats on the water, which makes for some of the best riding conditions in the state. We are nestled in the Sierra Nevada’s, just up the hill from the cities of Merced and Modesto.  Proximity to these cities offers quick accessibility in the rare event of an emergency.